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Legal Expertise in Estate document preparation, Probate/Estate Administration, Real Estate Services and Municipal Court Matters

Whether you are planning the care or support of your family upon your death or wrangling with the probate process while mourning the loss of a loved one, estate planning attorney our firm can help. We have 30+ years of experience assisting with all aspects of estates issues.

You work hard for your family, so knowing that you have planned for their long-term wellbeing and financial security can bring you comfort. When devising an estate plan, we consider how best to protect your children, support your loved ones and contribute to the charitable causes that are special to you. Every adult should create a will to put in writing their wishes for the distribution of their assets upon death. You should change and update your will as your financial circumstances change or if your marital or family status changes. Our firm will gladly visit you in your home or at the hospital.

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